Our Commitment

Committed to a better future.

We work with companies that share our environmental values.

ExpandOS™ are a nontoxic, recyclable, and biodegradable product. They are certified by the SFI because of the high quality material used to make them. You can also reuse any ExpandOS™ multiple times as long as their structural integrity is maintained.

Storopack uses virgin raw materials or 100% post consumer content to create their products. If a products is labeled the term "bio" they are made of renewable raw materials and are completely biodegradable.

Automated poly bagging is a great way to get your products direct to the consumer. The poly bags are typically #2 and #4 on the recycling scale making them some of the easier plastics to recycle.

Create responsibly.
Create awareness.

The packaging that your business uses conveys a message to consumers about sustainability. KJB offers affordable and innovative ways you can protect or package your products that are easily to use.

Together we can create a responsible packaging solution for your product and educate consumers on recycling options.

KJB wants what is best for you and our environment

At KJB Packaging Solutions, our goal is to provide all of our Clients with environmentally conscious packaging products made in the USA. Working with our packaging manufactures, we are constantly looking for new ways to decrease our carbon footprint and educate our Clients on the benefits of using sustainable packaging.

Our sustainable packaging products offer all the same versatility as other popular packaging materials, so our customers get all the benefits without having to compromise.

A Cleaner World Starts With Us

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